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[Interview-Cocofun Magazine] Seunghyun Lee & Minwoo Kang

Date 2012-10-24 Hits 3537 Attach

[Translation – Cocofun Magazine (Sep. 2012)]

Universal Ballet  2nd Fan club event

(August 8, 2012 Shibuya)


Universal Ballet Korea has their office, theater and academy in Seoul. From 1995, General Director Julia Moon and Artistic Director Oleg Vinogradov has been the leading force in the development of Universal ballet. With Korean Traditional story “Shim Chung” and Korean classic “Chun Hyang”, they are also working on composing their original repertoire. The range of variety is from classic to modern. Touring worldwide, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world into view, Universal Ballet has steadily grown up. These days, critics and balletomanes are bringing great praise designating Universal Ballet as a remarkable company.

August 10, Universal Ballet official fan club had a 2nd fan event in Tokyo, Shibuya. As guests for this gorgeous summer event, Seunghyun Lee and Minwoo Kang were invited. They have great sense as dancers and excellent technique with power of expression. Surprise guest was Seojong Kim, previous dancer of Universal Ballet, now dancing with Tokyo City Ballet. Seojoung Kim is a Korean dancer who became famous for being chosen as Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet” this March. The dinner started at 7. Minwoo Kang and Seunghyun Lee liked the Japanese food and enjoyed the time they spent with their fans. On the next day, August 11, they participated in a talk event in Yokohama. Both of them enjoyed the short stay in Japan.


Seunghyun Lee and Minwoo Kang interview

This is the 2nd fan meeting in Japan. How was it?

Seunghyun Lee _ I remember I was very nervous at the first fan meeting but really happy to be warmly welcomed by our fans. I’m still nervous this time too but more relaxed. Today’s menu is Japanese food. I’m very excited. I’ll do my best.

Minwoo Kang _ First, I came to Japan for the performance and then, through having this kind of meeting with fans who love Universal Ballet, I have now an attachment to Japan. And today, I’m looking forward to this Japanese food dinner at Shibuya.

Please give a message to all the fans who love Universal Ballet.

Seunghyun Lee _ Thank you for your constant support. Even though we can’t  meet directly, I always feel your warm support.

Minwoo Kang _ The first meeting at Shin-Okubo and this time, at Shibuya. We’ll probably have a 3rd meeting chance. Hope we’ll meet soon. First I have to cure my injury and prepare for the performance. I’ll do my best.