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[Reviews] Swan Lake in South Africa

Date 2012-03-23 Hits 3297 Attach

1. [Artslink, South Africa - Review] East meets West in classical ballet - ...Another highlight was the mesmerising in-synch, formation movements of the 26 white swans: beautiful, strikingly symmetrical and faultlessly in time. And there is no doubt that the principal ballerinas – the white swan, Odette, and the black swan, Odile – deserved their roles. Odile was especially brilliant in her sharp delivery compared to the graceful movements of her white counterpart....  http://www.artlink.co.za/news_article.htm?contentID=29579                                   | by Sarah Taylor, Mar. 20, 2012.

2. [Tonight - Review] Exquisite Korean artistry straight from tutu heaven …Indeed The Universal Ballet of Korea, which made its African debut on The Mandela stage at the Joburg Theatre for four performances, was flying Korea’s flag with pride. The opening night audience was treated to an elegant staging of Oleg Vinogradov’s intricately detailed, succinctly patterned version which had sound production values in the company’s quest of its mantra: Heavenly Art Creating a World of Beauty! Without question the female corps de ballet is straight form tutu heaven…    | by Adrienne Sichel, Mar.20, 2012.

3. [The Star - Review] Korean ballet captures imagination of Soweto pupils - "Cool", "dope" and "stunning" are not words you would expect to hear at the Joburg Theatre - but that's what some Soweto Grade 12 pupils thought of the performance of Swan Lake by the highly acclaimed Universal Ballet of Korea troupe.                | by Ayanda Sithole, Mar. 18, 2012. 

4. [The Sowetan - Review] Korean Swan Lake is Magic! Ballerinas bewitch the audience. – It was a rare performance by a top international ballet company whose significance was both artistic and diplomatic. Politically, the performance of Swan Lake by visiting Korean Universal Ballet at the Johannesburg Theatre marked the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and South Africa. But it was perhaps the artistic side that was more interesting and appealing, delivering yet another interpretation of this ballet classic first conceived in Russia and popularized throughout the world by different ballet companies… | by Edward Tsumele, Mar.20, 2012.

5. [Joburg Theatre News - Review] Dancers delighted with Joburg - ATHRILLING performance by the Universal Ballet of Korea at the Joburg Theatre enthralled the audience – which included top City officials – at its final performance… The 60-member ballet company, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, did a sterling job of keeping the audience mesmerised, gliding and twisting in mid-air in their snow-white tutus… Among patrons that were fascinated by the show was Joburg’s portfolio head for community development, Chris Vondo, who brought his family along, and Ruby Mathang, the member of the mayoral committee for development planning and urban management….Speaking to the visitors and some of the audience after the show, Vondo said it was an honour that on its first visit to South Africa, the dance company chose Joburg Theatre. “Over the years this theatre has staged some of the best productions and today we witnessed yet another world-class production. The City is proud that this theatre attracts such world-class and highly acclaimed performing arts company as the one we have just seen on the stage.” | by Limakatso Khalianyane, Mar.20, 2012.