Universal Ballet

Minus 7

Universal Ballet Premiere Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater, on October 21, 2006
Choreography Ohad Naharin / Assistant to the Choreographer : Bosmat Nossan
Music Traditional song arranged and performed by the Tractor’s Revenge and Ohan Naharin, Vivaldi, Marusha, Chopin
Set Design Ohad Naharin
Costume Design Ohad Naharin
Lighting Design Ohad Naharin
Running Time 40 minutes

A new reconstruction with sections from Zachacha, Mabul and Anaphaza.

Minus7 is based on parts from Zachacha, Mabul and Anaphaza. Here is Ohad Naharin on MINUS7: It is not a new work. It is more about reconstruction: I like to take pieces or sections of existing works and rework it, reorganize it and create the possibility to look at it from a new angle. It always teaches me something new about my work and composition. In MINUS7 I took sections from different works. It was like I was telling only either the beginning, middle or ending of many stories but when I organized it the result become as coherent as the original if not more.