Education Programs

Since 1993, Universal Ballet, in conjunction with Mom School, has been conducting a hands-on one session hour educational program about ballet. The program is designed to give children an idea of what it is like to study ballet, and what is involved in becoming a professional ballet dancer. The program introduces elements of ballet such as good posture, aesthetic body line, and musicality, and gives the children a chance to watch the company at work in the studio, to see and try on toeshoes and ballet costumes and to see what it looks like backstage.

This program is designed not only to interest potential ballet stars in studying ballet, but also to let future audience members get a look at what is involved in the performing arts, and develop an interest in the arts. see the company in their daily class, to help give children an idea of what it means to study ballet, and what is involved in becoming a ballet dancer.

The program is designed for children aged 4-7, lasts about one and a half or two hours, and has a fee of 15,000 won per student. Programs are held on Saturday mornings at 11 o'clock from March through December at Universal Ballet's studios, located near exit #4 of the Achasan subway station on line #5.


STEP 1Visiting Company Class

A professional ballet dancer starts each day with ballet class. Visit the studio and watch the dancers in their morning class!

STEP 2A Trip to the Costume Department

The costume department has thousands of amazing costumes from all the ballets we have done since the company started in 1984. The wardrobe staff will show them to you and tell you how they are made. Hear about the history of ballet, and learn some ballet steps!

STEP 3I can be a Ballerina, too!

This is everybody's favorite part. Put on one of our costumes, and become a fairy, or a princess, or a pirate, or a prince!