Universal Ballet

Korea Emotion

Universal Ballet Premiere Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater on June 18, 2021
Choreography Bingxian Liu
Music Pyeong-kwon Ji
Staging Bingxian Liu
Set Design Seungcheol Kim
Costume Design Yeonju Jung
Lighting Design Nakcheon Kang
Running Time 25 minutes

情: Korea Emotion -
Jeong, the emotion that dominates Korea, the keyword to changing the world

Jeong, a unique emotion that all Koreans relate to, runs through this ballet work, 情: Korea Emotion. Jeong is one of the most complex and profound emotions, and it seems to be the exact opposite of dislike and hatred, but the two emotions and love and affection coexist in it.
The music and choreography for 情: Korea Emotion are very Korean in style; however the modes of expression are precisely in tune with modern sense. The music uses four songs from the album Daul Project 2nd (2014) directed by Pyeong-kwon Ji. The crossover with Korean traditional music extends the beauty of music. The choreography also adapts elements of Korean tradition dance and expresses them beautifully through ballet.
The work thus shares an aesthetic sensibility beyond neo-classic, and through the dynamic variation of the choreography that intersects lyricism and passion, the complexity and ambivalence of the original emotion, Jeong, are intricately unraveled.